Yemen : Arab Coalition Operations

Yemen has been a victim of civil war since the past few years.During this period ,more than 6200 people lost their lives. About 2.5 million people lost their homes and are forced to a life of poverty .The Houthi rebels are fighting against pro-Iran Saudi fighters. As well as some extremist groups, including Al-Qaeda have been fighting here for the pursuit of their interests. Houthi rebels took over the capital of Yemen,Sana.They forced the President Mansour Hadi to flee.

In this fight for power ,the Government troops and Emirati allies of Yemen have enjoyed a great success. They compelled Al-Qaida  and have freed the country's largest oil export terminal .

The coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, has changed its strategy because earlier they had made pro-Houthi tribes Iran as the center of  their attention.It has now started surrounding al-Qaida and other extremist organizations. One reason for this is that Saudi alliance has made an agreement of temporary ceasefire with Yemen tribes. The coalition,led by Saudi Arabia continued their operation against the military extremists for 48 hours. This alliance had also deprived al-Qaeda extremists of their state which they had founded around the important port city 'Al Makalah'.

When there was peace in Yemen ,about 80% of the oil reserves in Yemen were exported through this terminal.Yemen situation worsened and this terminal was closed. Al-Qaida took over this area.

An ambiguity is found about the fight that took place against Al-Qaeda.In this regard,many conflicting reports are coming on the scene. Arab unity has published a statement about this war saying
More than 800 Al-Qaeda fighters died  in this combat.
On the other hand, Al Makalah citizens say that Al-Qaida fighters fled without fighting . Yemen's military sources said that nearly 30 Al-Qaeda militants were killed during the battle.The local residents also said that the elders and tribal leaders negotiated with Al-Qaeda fighters and persuaded them to leave this area .On which the al-Qaeda members cleared the area and moved to the western province of Shabu .

Local administration said that packs of about 2000 troops ,consisting of Yemeni's and Emirati allies, entered Al-Makalah for a big operation who have taken control over the Airports and the ports by taking this area out of the hands of Al-Qaida.They have also set up their check-posts here. Because of the two weeks of a temporary armistice between Houthi rebels and Arab unity the path of negotiation has been softened.It is expected that both factions/parties will try to negotiate a peaceful solution to the problem of Yemen.

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