Energy Crisis :Kalabagh Dam

Pakistan is an agricultural country.Nature has endowed it with all the means for every kind of agriculture and irrigation.We have the most favourable weather.Nature is benevolent on us but our rulers are not serious for the country.At this time ,the developed countries are taking crucial steps to eliminate the problem of water shortage.They are not refraining from spending a part of their budget on water reservation.Above all,In these countries,a unanimous thinking is found among all the people running the country.The question is :Why are they investing in water ? Have you ever thought about it ? It is because they don't want their people to die of thirst.Yes,they as well as their population is well aware of this problem.
Nowshera is 46 feet higher and 46 feet lower than Kalabagh dam. How could it sank ?
India which is engaged in making conspiracies to desert Pakistan by building dams on the rivers of Pakistan is stealing water from our western rivers and Sindh river to increase its water conserving capacity and growing its water resources by violating the Indus water treaty.It doesn't miss a chance of flooding Pakistan.Recent floods in Pakistan are their evident examples.But our rulers are having a sleep of neglect.Due to our criminal negligence, the enemy is after our economic growth.

India is targeting the biggest industry that is associated with the agriculture (Textile Industry) .The enemy that wants Pakistan to beg for a drop of water .Therefore ,it is planting the seeds of hatred and is funding billions of rupees to those who are double-faced(In Urdu : asteen kay sanp) .People who have their vested interests are bought so that they may oppose every step that is taken for water reservation.

Now India has started a false propaganda that every year Pakistan is throwing approximately 34 millions acre-feet water into the sea and Pakistan is in no need of water .Hence ,India holds the right to build dams on the Jhelum and Chenab river .

Due to the dwindling age of Terbela and Mangla Pakistan have to quickly build new dams to meet the storage 16 million acres feet of water per year.

By not storing water we ourselves are providing a source through which fresh water is being thrown into the sea.Of the water falling into the sea,It is neither beneficial for Sindh nor for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.Kalabagh Dam is not a political need, it's an economic need for Pakistan's progress .Pakistan's population is growing and it needs water and food to exist.

Water is life, without it, we can not survive that is why Pakistan must take decisive steps for the construction of other dams including Kalabagh Dam.Time is rapidly running out of the hands have We don't have anything left to lose. Kalabagh is a precious gift of nature.Political people have made the project a political game.Although it is a technical project.Luckily nature is also helping us in the construction of Kalabagh dam.

In Pakistan,every year a lot of destruction occurs due to floods in the season of  Monsoon.This flood water can not only be stored in Kalabagh dam but also,it will be helpful in preventing the destruction resulting from floods .Kalabagh Dam will not only be a source of affordable energy but also, it will have the status of the backbone of our agriculture.

It is feared that that this matter will hang forever.Also ,like other problems which the Government can't solve are left for the Army.It is expected that the Army will have to take some vital step to tackle this problem if it becomes the matter of Pakistan's survival.

 Political point scoring is not the solution to this problem.Every politician should remember the third law of Newton ;
To Every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
Their actions will produce reactions that they will suffer also.They should also remember,that people nowadays are not blind.They have many powers like social media.So their actions will decide where will they stand in the coming elections ?

Yemen : Arab Coalition Operations

Yemen has been a victim of civil war since the past few years.During this period ,more than 6200 people lost their lives. About 2.5 million people lost their homes and are forced to a life of poverty .The Houthi rebels are fighting against pro-Iran Saudi fighters. As well as some extremist groups, including Al-Qaeda have been fighting here for the pursuit of their interests. Houthi rebels took over the capital of Yemen,Sana.They forced the President Mansour Hadi to flee.

In this fight for power ,the Government troops and Emirati allies of Yemen have enjoyed a great success. They compelled Al-Qaida  and have freed the country's largest oil export terminal .

The coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, has changed its strategy because earlier they had made pro-Houthi tribes Iran as the center of  their attention.It has now started surrounding al-Qaida and other extremist organizations. One reason for this is that Saudi alliance has made an agreement of temporary ceasefire with Yemen tribes. The coalition,led by Saudi Arabia continued their operation against the military extremists for 48 hours. This alliance had also deprived al-Qaeda extremists of their state which they had founded around the important port city 'Al Makalah'.

When there was peace in Yemen ,about 80% of the oil reserves in Yemen were exported through this terminal.Yemen situation worsened and this terminal was closed. Al-Qaida took over this area.

An ambiguity is found about the fight that took place against Al-Qaeda.In this regard,many conflicting reports are coming on the scene. Arab unity has published a statement about this war saying
More than 800 Al-Qaeda fighters died  in this combat.
On the other hand, Al Makalah citizens say that Al-Qaida fighters fled without fighting . Yemen's military sources said that nearly 30 Al-Qaeda militants were killed during the battle.The local residents also said that the elders and tribal leaders negotiated with Al-Qaeda fighters and persuaded them to leave this area .On which the al-Qaeda members cleared the area and moved to the western province of Shabu .

Local administration said that packs of about 2000 troops ,consisting of Yemeni's and Emirati allies, entered Al-Makalah for a big operation who have taken control over the Airports and the ports by taking this area out of the hands of Al-Qaida.They have also set up their check-posts here. Because of the two weeks of a temporary armistice between Houthi rebels and Arab unity the path of negotiation has been softened.It is expected that both factions/parties will try to negotiate a peaceful solution to the problem of Yemen.

What's The Future Of Syria ?

In Syria's civil war more than a million civilians were killed while many were wounded and maimed.American conflict has displaced more than 20 million people. A person performing duties as a commander near Damascus said that he believe the President Bashar al-Asad will get over Syria's civil war. But now it seems that our another generation will be ruined in overcoming civil war.

On one side,the talks of the future of Syria are taking place and on the other side Russia and America are waiting to break Syria into parts .There was a time when Syria was of great importance among the Arab countries.But now it has broken apart. There was a time when Syria provided full support to the Iraqi insurgents against US occupation.

According to United Nations ,nearly one million 79 lacs people are still living in Syria .
Before the war, the number was 2 million and 5 lacs. Of these people 60 million people have migrated to safer areas within the country.After leaving the cities they are living a rural life from the cities. According to the UN, almost one million and 35 lacs people are in urgent need of help ,while it is difficult to reach 45 lac people because they are in areas such as "Ryzalzur".

Five-year civil war has destroyed Syria's economy. According to The Syrian Center for Policy Research, the cost of war is $ 255 billion. The unemployment rate is over 50 percent in the country and  Syrian families are desperate for a two-time food.About 70 percent  of the population is facing extreme poverty

The Aid goes to the black market or its manzil becomes the confirmed/selected areas of the government. The news of the death of people due to hunger are coming from different areas of Damascus A large number of citizens are becoming a victim of diseases due to a significant reduction in the number of doctors.

Syria's war has destroyed the education system.25 percent of the schools in the country have been destroyed while 25 thousand teachers have left their jobs.40 percent students are not going to school because the war has made their future uncertain.

The country's industrial city "Syria" has been completely destroyed.Those citizens who have survived are living in anxiety. The number of fighters is dwindling because a ceasefire has been declared, but it has not been fully implemented.

After the partial ceasefire, the  position Assad's has been strengthened .Hence,some days earlier he clearly said there is no chance of a new government.But he can think about the inclusion of an opposition in a mixed  government. After the talks, the ball is again in Bashar al-Asad court.

General Pervez Musharraf's ' Exile '

General Pervez Musharraf has promised that he will come , 4 to 6 months after his treatment.But say that now he will not come to Pakistan during a civil regime.Stumbling for shelter has become his destiny.

On October12, 1999 , General Pervez Musharraf established dictatorship government.Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif along with his "selected" cabinet was jailed, Some were detained in their homes. When Nawaz Sharif  refused the advice to resign from the premiership and to dissolve the National Assembly to the general . Then Gen. Pervez Musharraf suspended the constitution, and imposed an "undeclared martial law". General Pervez Musharraf felt relieved when he exiled Sharif  family to Saudi Arabia. After that, Mushaff freed his closest associates.

Chaudhry Nisar and General Musharraf :

Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif closest friend Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan was also included in the members who were freed from jail.Who was being contacted continuously by General Pervez Musharraf after setting at large?But he was not taking the call and was making excuses.

One day somehow he took the call Of Musharaf.An officer of General rank passed the phone to Chaudhry Nisar (who had played a key role in making Pervez Musharraf the Chief of army staff), saying "over to chief executive", forced him to take Musharraf's call. General Pervez Musharraf , who had been meeting Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan before he was made the chief of army staff said , " I know you don't want to talk with me.It took me several days to contact you.You just meet me. I want to pursue the way of political reconciliation " , but Khan refused to meet General Pervez Musharraf.

When Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan talked to Mian Nawaz Sharif in Jeddah ,on the insistence General Pervez , he also instructed not to meet General Pervez Musharraf . Chaudhry Nisar was also offered an important position in the party of General Musharraf which was made under an "Umbrella". But Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan rejected it and kept himself at a distance from General Pervez Musharraf. When General Pervez Musharraf rolled back the democracy , he became his greatest opponent.

Coming Back from Turkey :Right or Wrong ? 

When General Pervez Musharraf  returned from"self-made-exile' of  Turkey ,with the desire to come into power again , he was shackled by the Supreme Court of  Pakistan.The Nawaz Sharif government was ordered to take action against him under article 6. Perhaps , Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif was waiting for this day .He pardoned General Musharaf for his  , but he was not ready to forgive him for "the constitutional violation". In the first time in Pakistan's political history , a civil government lodged a court case against a former head of the army on overthrowing the government but some expressed strong displeasure over this action.This action aroused serious differences between the government and establishment .

When the democratic system was put in danger ,the prime minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif and Federal Minister Chaudhry Nisar became active to escape the situation resulting from the action against Musharraf .They assured the establishment of not taking action against General Pervez Musharraf ,but Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was not ready to forgive General Pervez Musharraf .

The top leadership of the PML-N was divided on the issue of  General Pervez Musharraf "forgiveness". General Pervez Musharraf remained in the grip of  law for roughly two and a half years. Even though he didn't go on "Jail Yatra" ,but remained confined to his residence.He spent some time on his farm in Chak Shahzad and then took the guise of "illness" to avoid from facing the courts.

One day he even crossed the limit by taking refuge in the heart disease institution, Rawalpindi.He remained the guest of the Heart institution for several weeks After which he moved to a safe place in Karachi.Despite issuing constant arrest warrants by Islamabad and Quetta courts , he did not appear . Pervez Musharraf didn't appear even in Akbar Bugti case . He was given Deuteronomy 49 times in Akbar Bugti case and 55 times in Red Mosque case for which there is no precedent.

In General Pervez Musharraf era most people went missing. Nearly 400 forced missing person cases were registered. Enforced disappearance is a dark aspect Pervez Musharraf's era. General Pervez Musharraf has himself wrote in his book that he has received US $ from CIA and sold people for dollars.Cases like Akbar Bugti,Red mosque, Benazir Bhutto murder,the confinement of Judges were made against Musharraf but no case of missing persons was made.

General Pervez Musharraf  saying this, "You have not seen the pleasure of power/rule" to a friend and rejected his advice of not to go Pakistan. This friend was former Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani . In the addicted of power,he made the mistake of coming back to Pakistan .

General Pervez Musharraf's ' Exile ' :

When he arrived Pakistan he had to suffer great disappointment.He had to face countless cases.Then General had to hide out many times in the hospitals to avoid appearing before the courts.being in the army to raise claims.Even before going to Dubai such signs of ailment were shown that the Supreme Court  had to show mercy and gave the verdict in the favour of removing his name from ECL(Exit Control List) .

The federal government had put his name in the ECL on the order of the Supreme court.When Sindh High Court and  allowed to go abroad and treat them to remove Musharraf's name from ECL.

The government wanted to get rid of the problem of General Pervez Musharraf as soon as possible.As investigations under Article 6 would have opened further Pandora boxes.

General Pervez Musharraf was to go that night to Dubai so that no court can issue an order not to go out, but Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan did not allow him to go abroad until the application of his name removal from ECL has received.In the high-level meeting ,chaired by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif  it was decided to send Muhammad Pervez Musharraf abroad.

The general impression  is that Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif  "Put stone heart" and allowed Musharraf to go abroad only to maintain cordial relations with the establishment, he wanted to exemplify Musharraf on breaching the Constitution.Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan,who had a harsh attitude towards General Pervez Musharraf but in order to get rid of Gen. Pervez Musharraf, made the decision in favour of letting Pervaiz Musharaf go overseas .In a press conference at Punjab House,he himself officially announced that General Pervez Musharraf has been allowed to go abroad , though he said that it has been assured by the attorneys that the general will face his cases in courts after he comes from treatment.

He wasted the impression that Mushraff has been allowed to go overseas due to some kind of  ' deal ' also that there is some sort of shadow behind removing his name from ECL.
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