Hello and Welcome ,

First of all thanks for visiting my blog, News Burner.Secondly ,thanks for showing interest in becoming a writer at News Burner.

Things Required :

  • A Gmail account (Working)
  • A facebook profile
  • Blog address (Optional) to check your work.

Eligibility :

  • Only Feedburner subscribers of this blog are eligible to apply.After submitting check your email for confirmation link by Feedburner.Click it and you are subscribed to this blog post updates through mail.After becoming eligible ,now you can apply .

Become eligible to apply

Rules : 

1- Must Post 1 (one) article in a month. (If you don't you will be considered inactive and you will have to apply again )

2-The article/post must be in proper English language ( Use Grammarly for correction )

3- The article words length should be above 700 (Seven hundred).

4- Do not use more than 2 images.Images/pictures should be of good quality and according to the topic/subject.

5-If you have your own images (not download from facebook or google image search ) you can use them freely .Licensed images which require attribution are not allowed.

6-You can use relevant videos that don't have any ads.

7- You must not Copy and Paste articles.

Linkbacks / Backlinks :

You will be allowed a single link back of your choice (Only to the blog you own) in your post if your post exceeds the limit of 1400 words and satisfy the above Rules.

What Will You Get ?

1- Backlink (as described above)
2- No money at this moment.But in future, I will enable hiring.

Consent :

By applying ,you confirm that you have read the rules and agree to follow them.If  you don't follow them I(Admin) hold complete rights to delete your membership and posts.

Apply :

Apply only with Gmail address.
Include your facebook profile address and blog address (if any) in the message field.
After analysing your application ,I will send you an invitation email containing a link.You have to click on it.It can take 1 day for this email.


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