Energy Crisis :Kalabagh Dam

Pakistan is an agricultural country.Nature has endowed it with all the means for every kind of agriculture and irrigation.We have the most favourable weather.Nature is benevolent on us but our rulers are not serious for the country.At this time ,the developed countries are taking crucial steps to eliminate the problem of water shortage.They are not refraining from spending a part of their budget on water reservation.Above all,In these countries,a unanimous thinking is found among all the people running the country.The question is :Why are they investing in water ? Have you ever thought about it ? It is because they don't want their people to die of thirst.Yes,they as well as their population is well aware of this problem.
Nowshera is 46 feet higher and 46 feet lower than Kalabagh dam. How could it sank ?
India which is engaged in making conspiracies to desert Pakistan by building dams on the rivers of Pakistan is stealing water from our western rivers and Sindh river to increase its water conserving capacity and growing its water resources by violating the Indus water treaty.It doesn't miss a chance of flooding Pakistan.Recent floods in Pakistan are their evident examples.But our rulers are having a sleep of neglect.Due to our criminal negligence, the enemy is after our economic growth.

India is targeting the biggest industry that is associated with the agriculture (Textile Industry) .The enemy that wants Pakistan to beg for a drop of water .Therefore ,it is planting the seeds of hatred and is funding billions of rupees to those who are double-faced(In Urdu : asteen kay sanp) .People who have their vested interests are bought so that they may oppose every step that is taken for water reservation.

Now India has started a false propaganda that every year Pakistan is throwing approximately 34 millions acre-feet water into the sea and Pakistan is in no need of water .Hence ,India holds the right to build dams on the Jhelum and Chenab river .

Due to the dwindling age of Terbela and Mangla Pakistan have to quickly build new dams to meet the storage 16 million acres feet of water per year.

By not storing water we ourselves are providing a source through which fresh water is being thrown into the sea.Of the water falling into the sea,It is neither beneficial for Sindh nor for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.Kalabagh Dam is not a political need, it's an economic need for Pakistan's progress .Pakistan's population is growing and it needs water and food to exist.

Water is life, without it, we can not survive that is why Pakistan must take decisive steps for the construction of other dams including Kalabagh Dam.Time is rapidly running out of the hands have We don't have anything left to lose. Kalabagh is a precious gift of nature.Political people have made the project a political game.Although it is a technical project.Luckily nature is also helping us in the construction of Kalabagh dam.

In Pakistan,every year a lot of destruction occurs due to floods in the season of  Monsoon.This flood water can not only be stored in Kalabagh dam but also,it will be helpful in preventing the destruction resulting from floods .Kalabagh Dam will not only be a source of affordable energy but also, it will have the status of the backbone of our agriculture.

It is feared that that this matter will hang forever.Also ,like other problems which the Government can't solve are left for the Army.It is expected that the Army will have to take some vital step to tackle this problem if it becomes the matter of Pakistan's survival.

 Political point scoring is not the solution to this problem.Every politician should remember the third law of Newton ;
To Every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
Their actions will produce reactions that they will suffer also.They should also remember,that people nowadays are not blind.They have many powers like social media.So their actions will decide where will they stand in the coming elections ?

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